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Monday, May 7, 2007

RO-RO's and Bangka's

Bantangas City Port Area. A Bangka in
the foreground and a Roll-On Roll of vessel at the back

Last weekend I went to Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro to attend a birthday party at the Anahaw Island View Resort. The first leg is two hour trip by land (120+) km from Metro Manila to the port at Batangas City. The roads are good, and I had an easy drive there. The next step is a boat trip.

The Batangas City Port, Gateway to Anilao, Calapan,
Puerto Galera and a dozen other beaches is buzzing with activity

At first I was worried we might be taking one of these:

The Bangka is a outrigger boat which evolved
from small 3-4 man boats to larger 30-40 person vessels

A crew preparing a Bangka for departure

Luckily, these boats do not go to Calapan, otherwise one of the more adventurous members of out party might have insisted taking one.

There are two options in going to Calapan, A two and one-half hour trip on a RO-RO, or a one hour trip on one of SuperCats ferry's. We took the SuperCat.

While the RO-RO is the slower option,
but you can take your car or truck with you

I did not was not able to take a picture of the SuperCat at port because
I was busy checking in, and was whisked away quickly upon arrival in Calapan,
but I did catch it the next day making another high speed run to Calapan

Camera: Pansonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

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