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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Corydoras (Corydoradinae Catfish)

I collect corydoras. Corydoras belong to the callichthyidae family of fishes, commonly known as armored catfishes. This is attributed to the two rows of armored plates that cover the flanks of this particular fish. They are known to "wink" as their eyeballs can move in many directions, while they observe their environment for food and predators. These sudden eye movements sometimes resemble winking.

They are generally easy to maintain and can live as long as 7 years. They are bottomfeeders so they require fish food that are specially designed to sink to the bottom such as wafers and sinking pellets. They can be observed to make occasional dashes to the surface to breathe atmospheric air. I've kept 16 species of corydoras.

According to, there are 318 species of callichthyidae counted across 9 genera.

Corydoras Trilineatus

Corydoras Paleatus (Peppered Cory)

Corydoras Elegans (Elegant Cory)

Corydoras Haraldschultzi

Brochis Splendens

Camera: Kodak Easy Share LS633

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